>Fried Chicken

>I thought today was going to be an uneventful ride to work, but it really spiced up towards the end. The man that stalks my rather pretty driver at 4th and Seneca (last time he brought her a piece of fried chicken wrapped up in a napkin) hopped on the bus and said he tried to catch her earlier but she took off 30 seconds early. I couldn’t help but think she saw him coming and floored it. Her coat fell on the ground and he picked it up for her and told her he’d hold it until his stop. I then watched him go through the pockets.

Around the same time a lady interrupted the man talking to the bus driver and said, “Will you let me off at the nearest liquor store?”. And the bus driver curtly told her she didn’t know where a liquor store was.

I need a new cell phone with video.


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