>I Like Your Stockings.

>Wow.  There is a lot to say about tonight’s bus ride.  I hopped on a bus full of the most jovial group of people that didn’t know each other I have seen since Michigan State won the Final Four Tournament.  A man with the Budweiser Frogs on his tee shirt and a Seahawks hat on was passing out candy canes, while the Indian woman made jokes to the bus driver that his diet must be a “see food” diet.  And how the first time she heard that expression she thought it meant you “must be eating the fish”.  My bus driver demanded I take a transfer even though I didn’t need one by saying, “What are you, crazy!?”.  The next woman that got on the bus was wearing fishnet stockings, and as she got on the bus, talking on the phone and oblivious to the wise-cracking driver’s comments he says, “I like your stockings”.  “Uh huh,” she mumbles.  And as she walks away he says, “Bet I’d like your panties more.”.


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