>I haven’t had much time for blogging about bus rides today as I was too busy saving people.  Last night I saw a transvestite being attacked by a guy that looked like The Situation.  I asked “her” if she needed help and she screamed in her Puerto Rican accent, “Yes, call the police! Please!”.  As I am reporting the attack she runs off with him and I am stuck having to wait for the police and give them a report. 

And then, today a woman had a seizure outside of the restroom at the movie theater.  I heard an Asian woman crying “Help! Help!” so softly I thought it might be a basket of newborn kittens and come into the hallway to see some poor girl having convulsions.  Again, while on the phone with 911, the girl said she was okay. 

I just want to know something about my 911 call.  I told them the name of the movie theater where I was, shouldn’t they know the address?  I even told them the streets and again they asked for an address.  Like I know?  What if there was a crazy gunman, would I have to Google the address?  That concerned me.


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