>A friend of mine told me he hates the bus because people always make you feel bad when you just want to sit down.  All of the single seats get taken, and then people act as if you are invading their space when you have to double up.  It’s not like I’m trying to sit at your same table in a restaurant.  It is for this reason that today I kept moving past the old woman that had her Bartell’s bag on the open seat and sat down next to a normal-looking guy busy playing on his cell phone.  My intuition was correct because as soon as a woman wanted to sit down on the blocked seat, the old woman gave a heavy sigh and forcefully moved her bag to her lap.  At the same time an ambulance was passing by and the crazy old bat dropped her bag on the floor and covered both ears with her fuzzy blue gloves.


5 responses to “>Seats

  • Milo Bello

    >it's worse, though, when people sit on the outside seat, because it's such a goddamned hassle for them to slide over to the inside seat (if they move at all).

  • JD

    >What's the etiquette when you board a packed bus and you have to sit down next to someone on an aisle seat but then later the bus stops and lets half the passengers off, clearing several rows completely — do you get up and move to give the poor schmoe on the inside seat some breathing space, or do you keep typing away at your goddamned iPhone, utterly oblivious to the fact that you no longer have to share eight square feet with a complete stranger?

  • Cotton

    >When I was younger and rode the bus all the time, I would purposefully sit next to the person who had their bag next to them. Fuck 'em. we all paid to ride this bus (well except for the real derelicts).

  • Liz Elkins

    >JD – Depending on how far you have to go, I would probably just stay put because to move may seem like an insult. Like perhaps you are insinuating that they smell bad. However, if you have a long ride ahead of you and no one is on the bus, move and make yourself more comfortable.

  • Team Booter

    >JD- Depends on the offensiveness of their body odor.

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