>Leaving Early/Arriving Late Rant

>Lately I’ve had a major problem with buses leaving early.  And even though my friend Laura constantly tells me to report them I don’t, partly because I don’t think it will make a difference and also because I have never gotten through to a human being, ever, when I have tried to call that number (Laura claims she gets someone every time and man do the drivers get in trouble for leaving early!).  To me is feels as productive as calling the lost and found at Yellow Cab. 

But my biggest problem is that consistently, when one bus is early the next one is ten minutes late.  It’s winter time.  It’s cold and allows far too much time for the freaks at the bus stop to try and get to know me (“Excuse me, but are you from like, Sweden descent?”).  I don’t need some strange little man with coke-bottle glasses following me around asking which bus I missed and suggesting alternative routes.

Just be on time please!

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