>Bloody Transfers

>After revealing my disgust for people eating greasy fried chicken on the bus, my friend Ismael suggested I give the offender a transfer as a makeshift napkin to wipe their oily fingers on.  It couldn’t help but remind me of the time that I was running in the rain – as fast as my little feet could take me – to make the light, cross the street and get my bus.  The second I step/ran from the sidewalk into the street I slid on my heels as if on a banana peel, both of my feet flew in the air and I landed on my back. My head hit the concrete with a giant thud and I looked up to see a woman in her car mouth the words, “Oh…my…God.”. 

Still seeing stars I heard a homeless guy a block away shout, “Hey, are you okay!”.  I shook my head and stood up, determined to catch my bus.  As I boarded, I looked down and noticed both my wrists were bleeding.  I had no band aids, so when the driver asked if I wanted a transfer I meekly asked for two and spent the rest of the ride with bus transfers covering my bloody wrists. 

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes, I would’ve made fun of me if I saw me on the bus.


One response to “>Bloody Transfers

  • Team Booter

    >First, I hope people wouldn't make fun of you.Second, that sucks, and not that you ride the bus so much; but that you fell in a city street, hurt yourself AND still had to get on a bus.

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