>Real Stories of Metro Drivers


6/19/06 4:50 p.m. #358:

Upon reaching the stop, passenger was paying fare. I said, “Thanks, have a good one.” Passenger became very angry, yelling, “What the fuck are you telling me to ‘have a good one’ for? You don’t even know me, motherfucker!” I turned away and ignored abuse to avoid escalating the situation. Passenger said, “I’ll kick your ass if you say shit to me” as he exited the bus.

2/7/07 1:40 p.m. #48:

Pulled into zone at 15 & 85 NW. A man put the bike rack down, climbed on, held on to windshield wiper, screaming, “Let’s go bitch.” Then he tried to crawl through driver window, grabbing my arm. He then got back on bike rack insisting on riding there. I called for help.


10/7/06 4:47 p.m. #140:

Began growling as he entered bus at [Burien Transit Center] and deposited large handful of leaves. Continued growling and tearing up schedules (one by one) in rear of bus.

2/18/07 11:28 a.m. #120:

One male got on and put a quarter in the fare box. I told him it was $1.25….At that point he took his quart bottle of punch and poured it into coin portion of fare box.

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