>Seattle Metro Citizen’s Watch

>Another update from my friend Lindsey: the men on her morning bus route that make her stand at 8 months pregnant did not offer their seats to a blind man on the bus yesterday.  This is an outrage!  I don’t know what’s happening on that #15, but I think it’s time for some sort of Citizen’s Patrol.  I will go under, deep under cover and crack this thing wide open, hopefully backed by a group I want to start called the SMCW (Seattle Metro Citizen’s Watch).  They will wear intimidating outfits and keep peace and order on the bus.

But honestly, I probably won’t get around to that anytime soon,  so  please be courteous to handicapped people, pregnant women and of course the sometimes acrimonious, but always seat-worthy elderly.

Also, if you think you are fooling anyone by pretending you are deeply enthralled in what you are doing on your cell phone and don’t notice these people needing seats, think again.  I hope next time you don’t move for a blind man he knocks your phone out of your hands with his cane and breaks it.


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