I’m No Help

Today a drunk, homeless man sat in the seat behind an old man.  He repeatedly leaned over to him and muttered, “How old are you?  You 80?  You 80 yet?  How old are you?” to which he got no reply.  I was watching him a second too long because we made eye contact. His eyes narrowed and he glared at me and repeated, “You’re no help…you’re no fucking help…” until he exited the bus at the next stop.


One response to “I’m No Help

  • Liz Elkins

    Laura was on the bus yesterday when she heard a man go, “Hey, how old are you? 35? 30? How old are you, 28?” as he slapped the guy on back of the head. Had to be the same guy. She had read my blog that day and made sure she didn’t make eye contact.

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