Baby Talk

Tonight it was 38 degrees as I waited for the bus.  I was kind of doing a little dance as it pulled up to keep warm and as I entered I saw the bus driver was a  friendly old woman with a warm smile on her face.  “You look cold, honey!” she said in a grandmotherly voice that made me feel like I was nine again.  “I am!” I said in a sickly sweet child-like voice.  “Well sit down and get cozy!” she cooed.  I snuggled into my seat like a child with its blanket.

I was the only person on the bus so far.  Usually we pick up a couple more people before my stop but tonight it was just me and my favorite new bus driver.  She called out my stop, I rang the bell and she says, “Are you going to the Convention Center?”  I tell her yes and she says she will drop me off there so I don’t have to cross the street. “Yay!’ I shout.

“Thank you!”  I say still using baby talk as I exit.  “You’re welcome sweetie,”  she says.

It took me a few seconds after she pulled away to realize what a tool I had been.  It was like I was under that Grandma’s spell!  But it was my favorite bus ride in a long time.

One response to “Baby Talk

  • Ismael

    you are not a tool! in fact, because you were the only passenger on a bus driven by a kindly old lady whom you’d never seen before, I’d suggest that this probably was an angelic event (call me crazy). that is, this divine entity was sent specifically for you, to give you a reprieve from your horror-laced experiences on the bus.

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